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If you don’t have it, chronic anxiety can be hard to understand. These comics can help.


Attention anyone with anxiety who spent time in class with their head down doodling in a notebook: This is a comic series for you.

Its called Introvert Doodles and started as a self-pep talk by a comic who goes by Marzi. She was inspired to explore her identity as an introvert after a personality test made her realize her introverted tendencies werent flaws they were part of her personality.

On her site, she explains (in a doodle, of course):

I was surprised when others connected with my doodles on Instagram, she told The Mighty in an email. (Id love to hear from you. Just not over the phone, she writes on her site.) I realized I wasnt the only one discovering that its OK to be an introvert.

She also also features comics about living with anxiety. Although, she says, having anxiety and being an introvert are not synonymous.

My anxiety began in my teens. I consider myself lucky, as right now its managed pretty well with medication, she said. Im an introvert who happens to have anxiety Being an introvert simply means you draw your energy from within, and social outings drain your energy. Its a personality youre born with and not something that needs to be fixed.

She knows the feeling of a panic attack:

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