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I’m not much for self help books but Boundaries by (Cloud/Townsend)has been very helpful. It’s from a Christian perspective. – AgingCare.com


This book has really helped me see that my Mum does not have healthy boundaries with me or anyone else. It has given me permission to set some boundaries with her. I have always felt like if I did that in the past….that I was not treating her right because she is my mother and I have to obey her wishes. If I did she or God would think I was bad and I would pay for not doing what she wanted. This sounds crazy typing this out. I get things so twisted in my head sometimes. Maybe this book can help someone else.

Nice, I had given my book away when I needed it most.

Can you try a bible study on Assurance of Salvation?

3 hours ago
Just looked on Amazon. Is available for Kindles at 10.99. Prices vary on paperbacks and hardcover.

Thanks. I think the hardest thing we have to do as caregivers is go against our parents when we have been told to honor them. But are we really honoring them when their decisions will hurt rather than help. And should we honor those parents who abused us physically and mentally. Are we really suppose to expose ourselves to this abuse to care for them when they never cared for us. Who are narcissistic. I believe in forgiveness but I also feel that forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. God gave us highly developed brains to think with and instincts to protect us.

3 hours ago
It’s funny I’ve bought this book for others but only recently realized I needed it myself and have just begun going through it. It’s excellent, especially for dispelling the wrong ideas we so often have about what we should accept and tolerate from the people around us. I wish I’d read and learned from it sooner




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